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Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Jewelry

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone. The various hues of this stone make it the perfect pairing for any wardrobe. Are you interested in wearing this stone? Do you want to know more about the benefits it offers? If so, keep reading. Here you can learn more about why wearing this stone is such a good move in more ways than one.

Amethyst’s Healing Benefits

Amethyst offers a lot of healing benefits. Knowing what these are can help you see why this may be a stone you want in your jewelry. Some of the healing benefits include:


Amethyst can help to cleanse your space and environment of toxic energy. Having this stone nearby will provide these benefits.

Healing Powers

Amethysts are good at helping to keep negative energy away from you. Because of these, they are stones that are good for anxiety disorders and stress relief.


Some believe that this stone improves your intuition. They believe it helps elevate your abilities and allows you to be more intuitive of the people and things around you.


Some people who utilize healing stones believe that the amethyst is an especially sensitive stone. In fact, they believe it is so sensitive that it is believed to tap into the spiritual energy of the afterlife.


In many cultures, amethyst is used as a form of protection. This protection extends to dangerous situations and protection from bad spirits.


Do you want to take control of your dreams or even manifest a more suitable sleep schedule? If so, sleeping with amethyst jewelry or even a stone under your pillow will be beneficial.


Meditating with amethyst stones is also highly recommended. This is because they help to summon higher levels of balance and self-awareness.

Reasons to Invest in Amethyst Jewelry

The beauty of this stone is enough to make most people want to purchase a piece or two. However, there are other reasons to do this, as well.

It’s Affordable

Amethyst is an affordable stone. Because of this, you can find something beautiful and striking for any budget you have.

It’s Unique

While it is easy to recognize amethyst, the color selection is unmatched by other popular stones. From the darkest plum to pale lavender, the colors available are truly stunning.

It’s Easy to Find and Purchase

There is an abundance of this semi-precious stone, unlike other options available today. That means that you can purchase amethyst almost anywhere in the world.

Caring for Your Amethyst

After purchasing amethyst jewelry, you want to ensure it will last and remain beautiful for a lifetime. The good news is, caring for your amethyst jewelry is actually a simple process.

The best option for this is to use soap and lukewarm water. You can also use an ultrasonic solution. Extreme temperatures, acidity, and heat should be avoided, as this can cause damage to your amethyst jewelry.

As you can see from the information here, amethyst has a lot to offer. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with this stone.

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