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Earth’s Stones Hold Memories Of Its History

Stones are products of our beautiful natural earth, solid formations of one or many different minerals. Thousands of stones exist and have been quarried throughout the centuries for various uses such as building, jewelry, rituals, and more. These quarries are located worldwide in countries like Brazil, Spain, the United States, India, Greece, and China. It’s fair to say that earth’s stones are intrinsically connected to the human story.

The Origin Of Minerals In Stone

Minerals in stone come from the same gas and liquid minerals that formed the earth. The earth began as a massive body of gas and liquid minerals that slowly cooled over time into a condensed solid core. Heavy minerals were forced down to the earth’s center, trapped as the earth’s crust thickened. Through intense heat and pressure, crystals and other solid forms of minerals grew from the vapors released in the core, eventually being pushed upwards to the earth’s surface as rock beds.

This process of forming some of these rock beds took up to one hundred million years to complete. Many of these rock beds are the quarries today where the stone is mined.

Identifying Minerals

Minerals can typically be identified by their hardness, color, and crystal formations and come in various sizes and shapes. The sheer vastness of minerals on the earth can make identification often difficult as often stones appear at first very similar.

To maintain a natural stone, it is imperative to know its type. Since stone is a product of nature, some may have adverse reactions to certain chemicals and cleaning procedures. The most familiar kinds of stones used today can be identified through four categories; Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Igneous Stone, and Man-made.

Energy Of Earth’s Stones

While you may be skeptical of the meanings attributed to rocks and stones, they have been revered for thousands of years for their various energies. Stones are symbolic of the history of the earth’s formation; they are little history books of ancient memories. Cultures all around the world regard rocks as symbols of energy that affects the human condition. Luck, long life, wisdom, and abundance are only a few of the virtues rocks symbolize.

Creating Personalized Energy Using Stones In Jewelry

Earth’s stones have been used in jewelry since the earliest humans first walked the planet. Over the centuries, stones have been included in jewelry to create personalized energy sources for the wearer. Fortunately, artisans today create beautifully refined jewelry pieces using various natural stones intentionally designed to enhance energy in a specific manner.

Whether manifesting a stone’s energy for love, wisdom, releasing toxicity, or creating abundance, wearing it in jewelry connects us to the earth and all of its blessings.

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