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Blue Pyrite And Other Neat Stones

At Kamea Premium Islandwear, we dig stones. Isn't it obvious?

In curating different kinds of minerals, we build our lines of Polynesian jewelry with a passion for island life and culture, as well as an abiding interest in geology.

Those two things together help us to create our signature lines including Cool Cats, Chunky Monkey and other attractive men's and women's bracelets and jewelry for products that will delight the senses and last a long time.

So let's talk about a few of these attractive minerals and how we use them in our collections.

Blue Pyrite

Pyrite – isn't that what we used to call fool’s gold? Doesn't it have a golden color?

Yes, the common pyrite has a golden tone. Blue pyrite is a specific variety that's a lot more rare, and comes from certain kinds of mineral interaction.

“Blue pyrite is an uncommon and vastly fascinating mineral. Sometimes, within a pyrite mine, there are incisions of minerals that are not in line with the standard sulphuric iron compounds, which leads to pyrite taking on the hue of any other ray energies available to it. … The presence of certain minerals may cause pyrite to exhibit itself in a brilliant blue hue, similar to that of cobalt.”

When you find blue pyrite and make it into attractive products, you’re producing something with a very important special mineral composition. Something got in and made the pyrite display a bright blue sapphire-type color.

Those are some reasons why we love this mineral in our collections and included in our individual stones.


Sodalite is also a great stone with blue coloration.

Specifically, the sodalite combines blue and white in ways that are really pleasing to the eye. Think of it as a type of China pattern, like those old dishes with white and blue etching that are so iconic and evoke a sense of nostalgia for many people.

When you tumble and smooth these sodalite rocks, you get really neat patterns that can go into our line of products.

Tiger Eye

The stone known as Tiger eye also has various colorations including blue, gold and red. We tend to use gold tiger eye for a few of our designs, and we like to showcase this compelling stone in some of our collections.

A lot of people describe tiger eye as a sort of shining luster that really makes jewelry look great.

Take a look at the rest of the site, and a gallery, to see how we make these minerals and others into attractive bracelets with anchor beads and a ring of stone around them. There is a mystical quality to our bracelets that make them a part of someone's wardrobe.

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