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Create a Killer Beach Style with These Tips

Do you have a beach vacation coming up? Are you unsure what to wear for your holiday? If so, you are in the right place.

While most people want to choose clothing that will help them unwind and relax, you may be unsure how to get that style right. Keep reading for some ideas that will definitely help you look amazing during your time at the back.

Flip Flops, Chinos, and Linen Shirts

When it comes to a timeless beach outfit for men, this is one that will never be “out of style.” This is true if you are with your girl or your friends. However, when it comes to this type of casual attire, just make sure you think about how you pair things. For example, if you choose a printed or floral shirt, choose plain chinos and flip flops. The opposite is true, too. A plain shirt looks great with funky flip-flops and a printed pair of chinos.

Shorts and Sleeveless Tees

You can’t beat this combo for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. This is a good option for going out to dinner or plunging into the cold ocean waters. Make sure to keep one or the other piece of clothing plain and the other funky and fun to make your beach vacation great.

T-Shirts and Printed Shorts

Regarding this beach outfit, consider half-sleeved tees that are solid and bright. You can pair these with a printed shirt that is going to ensure you stand out from all the other beachgoers. You should avoid choosing a print for both your upper and lower body and keep a bit of contrast going with your attire.


Are you planning to stay in swimwear for your entire beach vacation? If so, it’s best to stick with colors that match the backdrop – black, gray, blue, etc. You can also choose some floral options that feature big flower prints. However, just make sure to choose cotton since it dries quickly.


Just because you are at the beach, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize. Some of the top items include sunglasses for eye protection, flip flops, a waterproof watch, and a simple and stylish necklace and bracelet. Kamea offers the top island-wear wrist apparel that is perfect for your beach vacation. If you are only going to take one accessory – and that’s all – you can’t go wrong with this wristwear.

Consider Layering

When going to the beach, the weather varies drastically from when the sun is up to when it goes down. Make sure you are prepared by taking items you can layer with. This will ensure you can add or take away layers as needed as the weather changes. Make sure to keep light layers, which will provide the most comfort.

Going to the beach for vacation is fun and exciting. Just make sure you have the right attire and accessories to make your experience perfect. This is also going to ensure your comfort.

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