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Choose the Right Color for Your Mood


ors have more of an impact than we realize. Beyond stimulation, colors can influence moods as well as inspire us, keep us calm, and energize us. Whether you are choosing an accessory, dressing for the day, or decorating a room, choose colors that evoke a specific emotion, based on what you are hoping to feel.

Embrace red to feel empowered.

Red is a color meant to get someone's attention. It's a color that empowers. We often associate the color red with romance. Red has also been known to increase metabolism and raise blood pressure. While you may want to avoid wearing (or decorating) with red for a professional environment, consider a splash of red in the bedroom or for your accessories. Consider our bracelets made with carnelian or jasper stones.

Add yellow for a splash of joy.

Yellow evokes a strong sense of joy in its wearers. If you are feeling particularly low, wearing yellow or decorating with yellow, can help your low mood turn around. You may also want to wear yellow for a boost of inspiration and energy. Consider our bracelets made with amber or citrine.

Calm yourself with green.

We often associate the color of green with nature. That is part of the reason why shades of green can be calm and soothing. If you are feeling weighed down with stress, add a splash of green to your life, whether in decor or fashion. It can help reduce stress and refresh your mind. Consider our bracelets made with jade, malachite, and peridot.

Relax with the color blue.

Like sitting and watching the ocean on your favorite beach, blue gives its wearers a sense of peace and relaxation. If you are seeking to be more creative, blue can also lead you to a more artistic mind frame. Surround your office space with the blue color to feel safe exploring new, daring ideas. Consider our bracelets made with sodalite and tanzanite.

Add zest with a little orange.

You can make a statement by adding orange to your color palate. Orange offers a sense of warmth, and you will draw attention in this color. Wearing orange may help you embrace a sense of positivity. It's an excellent color to wear during a workout. Consider our jewelry made with tiger eye.

Our stones have meanings, and it can often be challenging to find which ones work for you. The colors you may want to embrace more in your life may lead you to a bracelet that is in line with the type of emotion and energy you want to embrace in your life.

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