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Color On Your Arm

Why do people love our brightly colored bracelets? There are a couple of reasons, but some of them have to do with that classic combination of jewelry and bright colors that has come from past societies and is maintained in ours, where we create products that captivate the mind.

Gold, Blue and Black: Colors in Motion

Take a look at some of the stunning designs in our Na Wahine and Na Hane collections and elsewhere. You have various primary colors of tiger eye, along with obsidian black centering, or bright red flecked stones with a gunmetal bead in the center.

These style choices are made deliberately with an eye toward what looks good as a final result.

Polynesian Culture

Then you mix that visual catalog with the Polynesian culture behind these products.

When we talk about that, we’re often introducing new words and meanings that illustrate how the culture works. But you can also see part of that come alive in our jewelry design!

In other words, this is not appropriative, but a really authentic way to experience something that you will enjoy for years to come.

When you think about the iconography of the island experience, think about having specially made accessories that you can wear wherever you go, to remember the islands and your life there.

Looking Through the Site Catalog

Here's another cool thing you can see from the online catalog – you can take a look at these different colored stones and bracelets and see how they pair with clothing.

You can see, for example, what type of bracelet you would wear with a solid color white shirt. You can see them matched with patterned shirt designs, to some that match the sort of cultural style you'd associate with these accessories.

What you can also see without looking too hard is the dedication to quality built into every single product.

Because we’re grounded in a specific cultural approach, we take care to make our products as authentic and as possible and with the right kinds of quality assurance.

What that translates to is a lot of quality on your wrist.

Take a look and tell us your favorite designs from our collections. We’ll be working on maintaining this catalog for you and others, to enjoy a real Hawaiian experience when you're away from the islands for any length of time! Bookmark us for more and stay connected to a business that is really into the island life.

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