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Hawaii’s Rich And Vibrant Connection With Jewelry

Hawaii is a place steeped in traditions that create an allure all its own. Rich with an intricate history, Hawaii's many customs are largely unknown to outsiders, which is what makes visiting these islands so special. Most of Hawaii's traditions are a fusion of the various cultures and practices taken from the people who call it home. From the edges of the Pacific and Asia to French Polynesia, Hawaii's modern culture of today is intrinsically unique.

The Power In Giving

One of the most popular components of Hawaii's culture is the work of local artisans and jewelry makers who have infused their modern brands with the culture and traditions of the islands. Hawaii's history of jewelry began with King Kalakaua, who visited the Royal Courts of England in the late 1800's.

The King was invited to attend Queen Victoria's Jubilee, but instead, he sent his wife and his sister. It was during these ceremonies that Queen Victoria presented her Hawaiian guests with a solid gold bracelet, symbolizing the enduring friendship shared between the two nations.

Not surprisingly, the Hawaiian Royalty was so impressed with the piece that they commissioned goldsmiths throughout the land to learn the art of jewelry crafting. From there, bracelets were made in remembrance of loved ones and for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

From Past To Present

Hawaiian heirloom jewelry continues to be the catalyst for today's island jewelry designers. While these modern designs are crafted from various metals, beads, stones, gems, and other materials, they bring unique design and personalization to a treasured custom.

Local Hawaiian artisans with Kamea infuse the traditional with the island's iconic surfer vibe, creating a refined bracelet line that embodies the spirit of island culture. Using a mix of natural stone beading, metals, and other natural products, Kamea creates premium men's and women's wrist apparel.

For people who have visited the Hawaiian islands and have fallen in love with their culture, Kamea's bracelets are the perfect reminders of their time spent in paradise. For those who have yet to visit Hawaii, the wristwear provides a beautiful reflection of its people, culture, and natural beauty.

A Piece Of The Islands

Hawaii is rich with culture, unlike anyplace else on earth. The natural beauty of the landscape filled with people who honor traditions by blending them into their modern lives is what gives Hawaii its charm. This distinctive quality can be seen and felt in the jewelry of the local artisans who call the islands home.

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