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Kamea: Made in Hawaii

Our Kamea product line is fully made on the Hawaiian Islands – from the initial design to the actual assembly, this is a uniquely Hawaiian product.

So what does that mean? It means that we reflect the vibrant culture of this community, for both visitors and native Hawaiians, with real quality and adherence to Hawaiian tradition.

Hawaiian Language

In Hawaii, language and expression are different from the rest of the United States.

The richness of the Polynesian heritage is evident in Hawaiian expressions like “aloha” and “holo holo” and others. Check out the story on how we named our product line and what that means. Straight from our web site:

“Kamea was named after one of our close friend's daughter, Kamealoha, meaning everything she does, she does from the goodness of her heart. It is with this noble intent - of giving from the heart, we name our line of jewelry, Kamea.”

This thread, of goodness and harmony, of good energies and natural synergies, runs through Hawaiian culture in a deep and profound way.

One of the ways that native Hawaiians get clued into our authenticity is to check out our website and see these types of expressions used.

The Hawaiian Experience

If you're unfamiliar with island life, and you talk to someone who has been here a few times, you start to get an idea of how unique the Hawaiian experience is.

Things are different on the islands. The scenery is one-of-a-kind. The lifestyle is also attractive, for a number of reasons. Visitors often say they would stay as long as they possibly could, even if that was forever.

With that in mind, lots of visitors like to have a tangible symbol or reminder of the good times they had on the islands and choosing authentically Hawaiian-made products is a way to accomplish that.

Healing Energies

On our website, you can read all about how our different types of stone materials help with peace and inner harmony, the philosophies that resound throughout island life. This is something we're truly proud of at Kamea – using natural materials in a way that promotes those good energies. You won’t find these principles in play much in Western medicine – but culturally, they are important to many Hawaiians and inform their lifestyles.

Check out everything that we have available on our web site. Browse our Grand Tour line, our bracelets with sodalite, tiger eye, hematite, and other deliberate choices. Our anchor beads are unique expressions of our inner philosophies, too. Get an authentic talisman to remind you of the islands every day!

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