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Kamea Mens: Packed With A Powerful Meaning

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Life is energy flowing all around us. Your senses heighten when healing stones are placed on or directly around you. Tuning in towards the positivity that surrounds you and all that is within you. Giving yourself permission to discard the negativity that no longer belongs. Healing stones have been around for centuries and are viewed as a source of powerful benefits.

The Stones of Life

In Waikiki, there is a monument containing the four stones that were renamed Na Pohaku Ola Kapaemahu a Kapuni. The stones of life, as they are referred to, are said to have mana (power). As the legend claims, four wizards traveled from Hawaii to Tahiti. They established their home at Ulukou, Waikiki, which is where they provided healing to those around them through plants that contained medicine. The four of them were very knowledgeable and insightful, with the capability of knowing exactly which plant could heal which ailment.

Eventually, the four were called back to Tahiti. Before they departed, they wanted to leave something that contained powerful source of healing for the people of Hawaii. They opted for two bell stones to be left where they had lived, and two more bell stones near their favorite place to relax. People would come to the stones to seek healing and guidance, after the four departed.

Meaningful Stones

People still believe in the healing powers of stones. Every stone has their own healing nature to help guide with positive vibes. By reviewing the healing chart, you can read which stones pack the most meaning for you. Here are just a few stones and their powerful meanings:

  • Amethyst – Health, Beauty, Clarity

  • Blue Lapis – Wisdom, Confidence, Prosperity

  • Rose Quartz – Love, Harmony, Positivity

  • Carnelian – Creativity, Ambition, Passion

  • Hematite – Optimism, Courage, Stability

Meaningful Jewelry

To embody the essence of Hawaii and the islands, is to have a spiritual journey within yourself. Blocking out the negativity and focusing on the core of your true meaning. Wearing a stone with healing powers gives you the power to believe in yourself and the goodness of those around you. When people cross your path, you begin to send out welcoming vibes. Radiating positivity becomes contagious, leaving you with a clearer sense of well-being. To be kind in nature and to give purely from the heart.

Our philosophy at Kamea is to “Be Inspired. Be Ambitious. Be Driven.” Possess your inner strength, and do not be afraid to share your gifts with others. Stay humble with your life experiences and help others. Remain in control of yourself and your destiny. Block any negativity and focus on the beauty around you.

We proudly make our 10mm collection and our other collections of wrist apparel in the paradise oasis of Hawaii. Stay in touch with us by “liking” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Share your story of how you feel when wearing one of our wrist apparels. We want each of our customers to feel like ohana (family), as we appreciate your business and loyalty.

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