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Make A Statement With Unique Jewelry

Fashion makes a statement, and so does jewelry. It is said that the first impression is important, and be it a formal or an informal setting your appearance can speak volumes. The advantage of tastefully crafted jewelry is that it can go with formal as well as informal settings.

Everyday Fashion Accessory

There are precious stones and semi-precious stones, and both can be used in making jewelry. They add a touch of sparkle and color to the design. But, not everyone likes to wear jewelry with stones. Some prefer a simpler metallic design without stones. Some prefer large beaded jewelry and others small intricately designed pieces. Whatever the personal style, jewelry of all types is considered accessories that people can't do without.

The everyday accessory is worn to complement the outfit, accentuate a particular style, appear elegant and stylish, and more often than not, stand out in a crowd. However, most people rely on jewelry that has been in the family or given to them by someone else because they don't know how to choose, where, and what types of jewelry to buy.

Types of Jewelry

Chains: Chains are some of the most common pieces of jewelry and can also be worn around the neck, wrists, or ankles. The length is easy to manipulate to suit the location. The best part of the chain is that you can add different pendants to it, depending on the color of your clothes.

Rings: People wear more than one ring these days, and some even wear rings on all their fingers. The styles are many and can be in plain gold, silver, platinum, etc., or they may come with a variety of stones in different settings.

Bracelets: As a purely decorative purpose or for sentimental value, bracelets add a bit of fun to the style. Bracelets are made of gold, silver, wood, stone, and many more. They are also made of beads and can either have links or be slip-on bracelets.

Necklaces: Necklaces are more ornamental than chains and are usually worn for specific functions. They may come in different metals and gemstones and make a simple outfit look grand.

Who Can Wear Jewelry

Everyone can wear jewelry. Jewelry can be beyond age, gender, and economic status. While the cost may be a factor, personal choices and affordability can work together in making the right jewelry selections. All you need to be sure of is its purpose. Is it for a formal occasion, social occasion, or everyday wear? Whatever the reason or occasion, you are bound to feel good and confident with the right accessory.

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