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Noticeable On Your Wrist – Hawaiian Culture with the Kamea Collection

Those who are really interested in culture and history know that there aren't too many places left in this big wide country where you can see individual cultures stand out at a glance. Communities have their own local flavor and custom, but in many parts of the country, regional identities seem to blend together.

Hawaii is different, and our Kamea jewelry lines reflect that individual and unique culture.

From the name – which translates to “my one and only” – to the attractive color and style of our jewelry collections, our products evoke a sense of the beauty and serenity of this island paradise. We take pride in producing unique wares that our customers will treasure for years.

Everywhere You Go

You can be flying to Los Angeles or New York, or taking a trip out in the middle of the country. Someone who is familiar with Hawaiian culture might notice what you have on your wrist and strike up a conversation.

In short, culture is noticeable – it informs everything we do, and the world around us, too.

When we started out making these unique items, we were inspired by our sense of culture and place – Hawaii's place in our national landscape and in history. Our collections are deliberate and they come from an inspired place. We understand the allure of products that speak to the human soul – not just “expensive jewelry” but truly profound pieces.

Working with Precious Stones

In sourcing materials for these collections, we've sought out some of the most interesting and uniquely visual precious stones that you'll find in the region and beyond. Our tiger eye, sodalite, pyrite and agate collections represent some of the options that set off our Kamea designs in style.

By using these high-quality materials and setting them into our unique designs, we're creating items that you're not going to mistake as someone else's products. In fact, when we decided to include various types of stone and gem, we brainstormed quite a bit about how to put this catalog together – because we believe that everything has its own energy and impact on the eye!

Gifts and Keepsakes

For many of our customers, Kamea bracelets and other jewelry are items that they keep for a long time. The stones and the designs have meaning. Check out our stone chart on our website to see what each type of stone represents in terms of values and characteristics. Then take a look at our gallery to see how these items look on our customers. Enjoy a product that's locally inspired, and read more about what we do online. We're excited to share our collections with you!

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