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Our Love Affair With Natural Elements Goes Deeper Than Beauty

There is something about precious metals and natural stones that we are intrinsically drawn to, and have been drawn to over the ages. It is almost like we were intended to infuse our lives with these elements in various forms and in various ways as perhaps we are somehow akin to them, as precious elements in our own right.

People of many different cultures have used these elements of gold, silver, steel, natural stones, and woods into jewelry as ways of drawing their energies closer to their own. Many of these elements carry significant meanings, other than being revered for their stunning beauty, which makes them obvious additions to endless styles of personal adornment.

Gold, Epitome Of Wealth

Gold has accompanied humans as an ornament for centuries, in almost every application imaginable. This gleaming metal not only implies a symbolic social status, but it also carries sacred powers that create happiness and peace to those who wear it. Recognized historically the world over as a symbol of wealth and luck, gold also possesses protective properties that can attract divine consciousness as well as block negative dark energies.

Silver, Lunar Connection

Silver is known by many nations to protect against dark energy. As this metal is considered to be connected with the moon and lunar activity, it raises psychic sensitivity and sharpens the mind’s eye, allowing clearer sight in the dark. Bringing mental peace, luck, and protection, silver is a calming and beautiful addition to any style of jewelry. From refined fine pieces to more muted applications, silver is a long-standing favorite and versatile metal.

Strength Of Steel

While not as widely historically popular as gold and silver, steel has found its way into the jewelry of more modern times. Admired for its strength and durability, the energy of steel stems from the planet Mars. Steel’s energy is extremely projective and provides the wearer extreme protection against negative forces. When combined with other earth elements such as wood and stone, steel is a binding force that quietly holds all together.

Natural Attraction Of Stones

Natural stones and amulets have been considered powerful and sacred since the beginning of time. Used widely in holistic healing, natural stones carry a wide array of energy patterns that can be instrumental in aiding almost any emotional, spiritual, and physical journey. Steeped in mystery and rooted in the deepest powers of our Earth, natural stones provide endless choices for jewelry that help to create balance in life.

Wood, Natural Healer

Growing from the Earth, wood is a product of Mother Nature. When used as beads or in charms for jewelry, wood becomes the ultimate healer. Wood carries vibrational energy that promotes our body’s functions, physically and emotionally supporting us as we wear it. Where the wood is grown is also an important factor in its energy, as different regions of the world have their own energy.

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