• Jadelin Chun

Picking the Kamea Men's Collection Wrist Apparel Item That's Right for You

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

An essential tenet behind all modern fashion is the ideal of individualism. We want our clothing and apparel to be a distinct statement about us personally. A few people may design and sew their own clothing, but most consumers use the extensive variety of commercially available products to make their own unique look. For men who want a distinctive, refined and individual look, consider adding something from Kamea Men’s Collection to your wardrobe. Our wrist apparel has multiple styles that can be customized to create something that personifies you.

Picking the Kamea Men's Collection Wrist Apparel Item That's Right for You

With more than 40 different focal stone beads to choose from, Kamea Men's Collection already has the potential for tremendous variety. Each stone has symbolic meaning, so it's possible to craft some Kamea wrist apparel that makes a personal statement about who you are. For people with knowledge of gemstone meanings, your choices could tell them a lot about you, and there's always a benefit of having a reminder of the kinds of people we strive to be.

The variety of the Kamea Men’s Collection goes beyond our impressive selection of bead stones. The items we produce come in different styles, so there are more ways to customize your Kamea wrist apparel to suit your taste.

We have the Signature Series SS, which is Kamea Men's Premium Collection. They are 10mm beaded bracelets that have three, 0.925 Solid Sterling Silver Kamea Focal Beads. The focal beads are surrounded by semi-precious stones that vary by piece. There are versions with blue lapis lazuli, red garnet, hermalite and others.

For something that radiates confidence and assurance in the modern man, Kamea has a bracelet that’s right for the job. Our Black Label series is our "Confident Collection." This wrist apparel is 10mm long and features assorted colored tiger eyes and gunmetal hematite beads. These surround the focal Kamea solid sterling silver and anchor beads. The collection features items in colors like yellow-blue, purple, a Kala Koa design you’ll need to see for yourself, and several more.

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