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Protecting your Energy

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

In your divine inspiring, ambitious, and driven path, it's a must you shield your energy from all negativity. Energy is vulnerable, precious, and it gives us the ability to make all things happen. Our bracelets contain stones provide that protection, peace, balance, and other properties. The stones can be worn while meditating or for stylish everyday wear. Choosing the stone that works for you requires some research.


Hematite uses a reflective shield to block negativity, distractions, and other disruptions. It increases your feelings of safety. It is much like onyx in properties and power. Black stones are deemed to be more potent in deflecting and soaking up negative energy because of their color. Stay grounded, calm, and free from negativity with this hematite bracelet.

Black Agate

The Black Agate keeps peace amid stress. It provides security and safety. It cleanses and stabilizes while eliminating and transforming negative energy. The Black Agate helps aid in bereavement and gives you peace and the strength to move on. Our Punalu’u Bracelet has a single Sterling Silver focal bead surrounded by Black Agate beads to keep you secure and protected.

Red Jasper

The Waialua has all the Red Jasper properties needed to protect your energy. Red Jasper stones alleviate stress, ground energy, and attain emotional stability. It restores balance, cleanses, and returns negative energy to its source. Red Jasper protects against physical threats and helps in dangerous situations. Keep your mind clear, increase rejuvenation, and promote confidence and inspiration with this sturdy bracelet.


Dark Gray Labradorite beads surround a single Sterling Silver focal bead and are anchored by a Kamea Bead completing the Ino Bracelet. Labradorite shields against gossiping and ill-wishes. It awakens awareness of intuition and assists in identifying opportunist and other people who mean you no right. Labradorite guards the heart chakra.


Like Red Jasper, Pyrite returns all negative energy back to the sender. While protecting and shielding against all forms of negativity, pyrite provides an abundance of good luck. It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory. The Deep Blue 2 Bracelet is filled with Blue Pyrite beads to give you all day protection, good luck, and even better energy.

The Kamea Men's Collection has selected stones with the intentions of making life beautiful and full of high energy while staying true to Hawaiian culture. Every bracelet has meaning and contains properties to guide you through life. View our stone chart for a better understanding of our wristwear.

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