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Sophisticated Surfer Bracelets, the Embodiment of Hawaiian Soul

Island life is usually associated with paradise, and paradise to many is Hawaii. Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, abundance of beaches, warm tropical climate and vast colorful canyons has long been a popular destination for those seeking the ultimate island lifestyle.

The tropical surroundings of Hawaii’s islands provide the perfect backdrops for any adventure imaginable, from hiking the rainforest to hanging out with the local surfers at a beach side bar, there is something for everyone on these volcanic islands.

Festive luaus filled with hula dancers and local delicacies, big wave surfers and endless orange sunsets, and incredible volcanic activity, are unique to Hawaii’s culture. Simply put, Hawaii is unlike any other place on earth.

Hawaii’s allure is something that resonates with everyone, not only just to those who have visited the islands or who call them home. The culture of the Hawaiian lifestyle can be embraced in many forms, and enjoyed by those wishing to have their slice of paradise. The island’s art, clothing, architecture, music, food, and customs, have all been incorporated into almost every retail market, giving people all over the world the ability to incorporate the island’s essence into their ways of living.

Jewelry inspired by Hawaii’s exotic charm has long been popular among those who wish to possess the essence of the islands in a personal way. Surfer jewelry for men has made its way into a top spot in the men’s jewelry niche, finding popularity among all social circles. Jewelers with Kamea, a company located in Hawaii, have formed a new men’s wear line of bracelets that exude an elegant surfer vibe.

Combining an array of semi-precious stones such as Tiger Eye, Malachite, and Lava Stone, with embossed metal beads, Kamea creates bold bracelet designs that exude refined island style. The incorporation of semi-precious stones into these bracelets gives depth and meaning to each piece, allowing the wearer to make a personalized statement. For instance, Tiger Eye, with its bands of yellow gold, is known to stimulate harmony and balance.

Each as unique as Hawaii itself, these bracelets offer men a form of self-expression with minimalistic style. For men, jewelry makes a statement, it tells a story. The designs of Kamea’s surfer bracelet line speak to the man who is determined and driven, yet connected to who he is at heart. One who is in tune with his world and who desires his own piece of paradise.

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