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Stones for Manifesting Calm and Managing Stress

In trying times, your nerves become frayed, and communication becomes more difficult. It's tough to live with ongoing emotional stress, and it can be hard to manage the issues that you're experiencing. Crystal and stone jewelry from Kamea Mens can help you to manifest a sense of calm and manage daily stress.

Consider choosing the following materials:


Fluorite helps to ward off the confusion and negative emotions and encourage a clear, rational mindset. In times of great emotional stress, this crystal can help you unravel the threads of worry and confusion that you may be dealing with and find the clear communication that is needed. Add flourite to your work area, near your telephone, or wear it on a piece of jewelry to help ease you through focused communications and sort out difficult emotions. This will help you limit the stress that you're experiencing and manifest the calm that is so necessary in difficult times.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is often seen as a protective, grounding stone. That's exactly why it's crucial for managing stress and keeping your calm - it helps you to block negative energies being sent your way by other individuals. If you're living in close quarters with others, interacting with individuals who are stressed out or afraid, or dealing with people who are angry, it can be difficult not to take on some of their emotional energy. Black tourmaline helps keep you grounded and centered so that you can avoid accidentally taking on their negative emotions.


Celestite is used to help clear away chaotic energy and thought patterns, helping you sort out the confusion and communicate clearly. In times of stress and hardship, clear communication from a calm, centered place is especially important. Celestite's vibrations allow you to focus on creating clear messages, clearing away the garbled emotions that you may be experiencing as a result of troubled times. Use this crystal to keep your words and messages from being clouded by your internal state so that they can be understood more clearly.


Amethyst is known for having relaxing properties and for helping contribute to a good night's sleep. In times of hardship and stress, turn to this beautiful purple crystal to help calm and center yourself enough to sleep well. Sleep is vitally important to help you reset your internal clock so that you can accomplish those crucial tasks that you need each day. Rely on the calming properties of amethyst to help you get through tumultuous emotional times.

Kamea Mens offers a wide variety of attractive jewelry options for men and women, allowing you to select a piece that is both beautiful and functional. Consider creating a unique piece that you can wear daily to help clarify your mind and center yourself.

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