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The Power of Language – The Power of Stone


ig thinkers know that words and symbols have a lot of power.

At Kamea Island Jewelry, we understand that, because we've seen how the traditional Polynesian culture has thrived in Hawaii's inclusion in the American melting pot. That itself is astonishing, but there's a lot more to explore in our line of products that speak to the unique culture and spirit of these folks.

We've also seen how people embrace our products because they have that natural, exciting power of identification and exploration that's part of all of our human cultures.

If this sounds a little cerebral, don't worry – our products are based on our love of design!

You don't have to be into ontologies to appreciate our necklaces and bracelets.

However, many of our customers have a basic handle on what you might call semantic geology – knowledge of why stones like tiger eye and hematite and others are associated with feelings like stress relief and positivity, why we have documented the power of these stones in our catalog, and how that matches their treatment throughout history. It doesn't take a lot of digging to uncover some of this healing power and radiated energy that people often talk about in connection with our products. Still, not enough people have really thought about these ideas in any detail.

When you explore this interesting power of the stone and material identifications to create emotional results, you'll love looking through our catalog and picking out the pieces that fit. This is more than just jewelry to look pretty: we put a lot of effort into our stones to make our products part of the wearer's spirit and development in the physical world, which, as we know, is much more than just that. Want something sharp? Try one of our Cool Cats bracelets, or, for a boost, browse our Black Label collection, which, as we say on the site: "radiates confidence and assurance in the modern man."

We're also proud of how our bracelets look on your arm, and at the end of the day, that's a big reason why we're so popular with our clientele. Our Grand Tour tiger eye and sodalite rings and other bracelets, with the focal beads built-in, give you that sense of design, and that sense of culture, in one. The visual catalog makes it easy to browse and envision how this works through your web browser. We are available for any questions at Kamea Island Jewelry, and we are looking forward to making you part of our customer network.

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