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Three Top Sellers in Our Grand Tour Line

At Kamea Island Jewelry, we're immensely proud of our Grand Tour products and the way they look on your arm. Our diverse line of high-quality Grand Tour bracelets includes some top sellers, and a very nice addition to your daily wardrobe.

Here are three of our biggest hits.

Grand Tour Yellow Tiger Eye 10mm Bracelet

This option includes a Kamea focus bead and an anchor bead, with yellow tiger eye stones to round off the ring.

Yellow tiger eye is known for its ability to help banish anxiety and stress, and to provide a calming energy, to put you in touch with the harmony of the world. It’s a popular stone, known for its layered, colorful look. It has a cool name, too!

Also check out the matte tiger eyeon our Sun Kiss bracelet design – you choose whether you want this beautiful stone buffed to a gleam, or shown off in its natural state. Either way, these choices look great on your arm!

Grand Tour Sodalite 10mm Bracelet

Our 10 mm sodalite design also includes the focal bead and anchor bead, with polished sodalite stones.

If you're a mathematician or computer scientist, you'll love this custom bracelet, because sodalite is emotionally linked to the logic process.

It's also a stone that some see as connected to truth and inner peace.

Beyond that, sodalite is one of the most popular stones visually – its unique white and blue pattern really attracts the eye. Have you ever seen a piece of polished sodalite? If not, take a look at this particular choice closely and you’ll see why it’s such an impressive part of our Grand Tour bracelet line. Our lapis lazuli in our New Moon Rising model has a similar look in some ways – but again, sodalite is a very unique rock.

Ka’eo Grand Tour 10mm Bracelet

Our Ka’eo Grand Tour 10mm Bracelet design features hematite stones that are said to absorb negative energy and again, to calm the mind during times of stress.

We talk about hematite stones as helping you to stay grounded, and that's one of the appeals of this attractive bracelet design. Check out our center pieces in silver or gunmetal designs, and other parts of our GT line, along with other men’s and women’s bracelets that show off the true beauty and philosophy or their land of origin.

Here at Kamea Island Jewelry, we aim to please. Our modern shopping cart makes checking out easy, and we have the support to help you maintain and track your purchases. Take a look at what we have available for you or a loved one.

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