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Bold and Refined: Tips for Wearing Men’s Bracelets

Through the years, men’s bracelets have come in many forms. From the classic puka shells worn during a beach excursion to slap bracelets that educational institutions banned in the 1990s, and of course the neon plastic bracelet trend that emerged in 2004, men’s bracelets have an interesting and colorful history.

While this is true, one thing has remained constant – men’s bracelets are still a popular accessory.

However, you may wonder how to wear these bracelets without overdoing them. After all, you don’t want to look like you have put in too much effort. Keep reading for some great tips to ensure you have the refined elegance and classic style you want when wearing the latest styles in men’s bracelets.

Fit and Proportions

The bracelet you wear needs to be proportional to your size. It also needs to fit you well.

This means you should wear a larger bracelet on a thicker wrist and a smaller bracelet on a thinner wrist.

You also need to choose bracelets that are tight enough to not slide off your wrist but not so tight that they are uncomfortable to wear. Also, remember, some bracelets, like the beaded options that come on elastic, only come in one size. This may not work for those with larger hands and wrists since the elastic will only go so far before it snaps.

Also, clunky metal bracelets that slide up and down your arm tend to get old fast. Considering the fit is essential to get the right look and style from the bracelets you choose.

Look and Style

What look and style do you want? This is an important question to consider. When it comes to men’s bracelets (along with any type of men’s jewelry), you need to carefully consider this. Consider what message you want to give with the style you choose.

Remember, wearing jewelry and accessories is something that should be effortless. This is the goal you should have.

If possible, stay natural.

Natural materials like stone, wood, and leather will wear well as time passes, and they are going to get better with age. The color of these items is also much easier to wear and will go with almost any outfit.

If you choose shiny metals, it may look like more of a hip-hop video than anything else. To do this, try mixing your metals with a natural element. With leather or stone, you have something that looks masculine while subduing your entire vibe – in a good way.

Finding the Right Men’s Bracelets

There’s no question that you can find men’s bracelet options regardless of your style preferences or size needs. Just keep the tips and resources above in mind, which will help you find a bracelet (or several) that help you show off your own unique style. Being informed and knowing what to look for will help you accessorize well and show off your unique style, regardless of the types of clothing or the look you like.

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