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Choosing Meaningful Stones for Personal Jewelry

When you’re looking for a high quality piece of jewelry that can bring the energy you need into your life, or protect you from negative energy, it’s important to select the stones carefully. Kamea Mens’ bracelets allow you to choose beads and stones to create the precise bracelet you need for your lifestyle. Consider adding the following beads, or visiting our site to see the numerous other choices we offer.

Hematite Beads

Hematite is a stone that works to absorb negative energy that is directed at you. It is a protective stone that is good for having on your person, as it will help you to stay grounded in emotionally charged situations and calm you if you are feeling worried, anxious, or stressed. Hematite connects with your Root Chakra, working to transform negative energy that is sent your way into more positive forms of energy. If you are regularly exposed to stressful emotional environments, these beads may be a good option to help you stay calm and centered.

Tigers Eye Beads

Tigers eye is a lovely crystal that is dark brown, with bands of gold running through it, resembling a great cat's stripes. This stone helps you to make wise decisions and helps to clarify your emotions. Its power can encourage you to make decisive action, as it limits fear and anxiety. Tigers Eye also works to aid balance and harmony in your life overall, so it works to help you make positive changes while staying calm and centered.

Black Onyx Beads

Black Onyx helps limit your personal energy being drained by negative forces around you, and absorbs negative energy that is being sent your way. This powerful protection stone also works to help you develop emotional strength, supporting you during times of stress. If you are going through times of stress, overwhelming emotion, or grief, Black Onyx can help you find the emotional stamina you need, while protecting you until you are feeling more centered.

Sandalwood Beads

Sandalwood is a meditation aid that is used to help promote concentration and relaxation. It can also help you calm raging emotions, center yourself, and find restful sleep. If you are feeling rattled or angry, Sandalwood may help you to calm your emotions and feel more at peace.

Aquamarine Beads

Aquamarine is known for providing support and courage to those facing large responsibilities. In addition, it works to calm, limit stress, and quiet an overactive mind. It works especially well for empaths and other highly sensitive people, helping them to manage the stress of emotion flowing at them from other parties.

Ebony Beads

Ebony has long been a symbol of luck, power, and balance. This wood is prized by many cultures for its protective power, as it brings balance and amplifies positive energy.

Whether you opt for sandalwood, ebony, onyx, or something else entirely, Kamea Mens’ bracelets provide you with an attractive, meaningful, and personal piece of jewelry. Build the perfect personal bracelet with us today.

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