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Health, Happiness, and Hawaii Creating Island-Inspired Jewelry with Health-Boosting Gemstones

For many centuries and in many cultures, people have believed that gemstones offer an array of health benefits. While this is true, today, gemstones are mainly used for ornamental purposes.

The truth is, though, certain gemstones are believed to have health bonuses, such as restoring energy files, promoting safety and love, gaining peace, and more. If you are visiting Hawaii, or just want a Hawaiian inspired piece of jewelry, be sure to choose your gemstones carefully. Some of the most health benefiting options are found here.


This stone is the color of the ocean and comes with an array of traditional believes. This stone is believed to be beneficial for teeth, eye, and digestive health problems. In the past, some sailors have used aquamarine to ensure they have luck while at sea. There are some people who still use it today for the protection benefits it offers.

Still others believe that aquamarine provides a positive force that can bring the wearer happiness and that can help the wearer cope with the grieving process. Shamans even use it today as a meditative stone.


This stone is said to promote overall well-being while increasing overall positive energy. There are some who also believe that it can be beneficial for those who have certain hearing issues, sleep problems, digestive ailments, and be beneficial for inflammation and pain management. If possible, you should wear citrine in its natural form, as this will help to enhance the positive benefits it offers.


The moonstone is a unique gemstone that many people have referred to as “hauntingly beautiful.” This stone is typically clear, white, or even rainbow colored and it helps those who wear it achieve balance – especially females. Since the ancient times, many travelers have used this stone as a source of protection. Wearing jewelry that contains moonstone is said to alleviate cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and can even help to promote creativity.


A pearl is something that occurs naturally in an oyster and that is available in an array of sizes, shapes, and shades. The pearl is believed to help balance a person’s entire body, while creating a sense of positivity and happy feelings for those who wear it. In many traditional medicinal systems from Asia, the pearl has been used for treating various fertility issues, heart problems, and digestive concerns. Even today, pearl powder is often used in makeup to achieve that “glowing” complexion that many people want to have. There are others who believe it is beneficial in the treatment of rosacea.

These are just a few of the health boosting gemstones you can add to your Hawaiian inspired jewelry. It’s a good idea to look at all the options and get to know what the gemstones offer to see what is best suited for your jewelry item. Doing this will ensure you have a beautiful piece of Hawaiian jewelry and that you will receive a health boost from the stones you choose.

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