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Not Just Fridays!

In the corporate world, there is a trend that highlights just how drab our modern enterprise environment has become. It’s not completely unforgivable, and it has its basis, but when you sit down and think about it, it might not really make good sense in the end.

Dress down Friday is a time for many employees to express themselves with personal flair and fashion and style choices. You have your blue jeans Friday, and Hawaiian shirt Friday. But really what these events symbolize is the restrictions on people throughout the rest of the workweek. Would it kill somebody to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Monday?

One thing we’re trying to say is that these button-down corporate practices are too often in conflict with time-honored principles of cultural expression and personal freedom, and that requires us to think deeply about the values that we have. Unless you're working with heavy machinery and your earrings are going to get stuck in moving parts, you should be able to wear what you want as you go to work generating revenue for your employer. But that's not really the way things are in so many workplaces – even as cultural pride and similar values continue to make their way into our social lexicon.

The Island Culture

Many people familiar with Polynesian island culture keep our attractive products on them all week. The idea that you should “dress up” into drab grays and blacks is foreign to many of them. It just doesn’t compute.

For example, our products express the color and style of the Hawaiian culture. These cool bracelets with polished stone and metal designs highlighting ancient traditions and personal style preference are accessories that our customers like to show off every day, not just Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Check out our Grand Tour and Black Label lines or other products with a combination of neatly polished stone beads and crafted metalwork. There's nothing like the combination of sterling silver and gunmetal hematite, or designs paired with the luster of green, dark blue or yellow-tinted tiger eye. Check out black pearl designs and translucent stone, as well as moonstone, obsidian, lapis and garnet!

In our Na Wahine women's collection, we have vibrant colors like amber yellow, citrine, blue jade, carnelian and amethyst, as well as turquoise and mixed bag designs that combine the bright colors of these various gems. All of it is available through our modern e-commerce site. Aloha!

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