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The Significance Of Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a well-loved gemstone for its light-reflecting and silky appearance. Historically used to ward off evil spirits, provide luck and bravery, its shimmering golden highlights impart a mystical gleam. Inviting the wearer to embrace personal strength and intrinsic willpower, this lovely stone is undoubtedly needed for your collection.


This uncanny gemstone is found in iron formations and is often mined in India, Australia, and South Africa. It is formed when crocidolite fibers are changed to iron oxides and replaced by silica. This results in the opaque, rich yellow and brown colors.

Tiger Symbolism

The fierce animal is brought to mind when laying one’s eyes on this majestic stone. Tigers have been revered throughout ancient history for their symbolism. It is easy to understand this magnificent animal's mysticism when gazing upon its beautiful appearance and confident gait. In China, those born during the year of the tiger are considered to be competitive, self-confident, and brave. In Korean culture, Tigers are thought of as guardians who protect against evil and bring good luck.


It is believed that tiger eye has been used by many cultures to provide people with spiritual assistance. The Sri Lankans used the stone as a talisman for protection against evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians used tiger eye for luck and protection. The Romans wore it during battle to inspire bravery. It is also considered the ideal gift for a ninth wedding anniversary.

Spiritual Significance

Just as the tiger represents inner-strength and willpower, so does this gorgeous stone. Said to derive its healing properties from the Sun and Earth elements, it boasts powerful energy for balancing emotions and positively impacting mentality. The third chakra governs confidence and inner power, and tiger eye’s crystal properties correspond with this chakra. Believers in its healing powers find empowerment and motivation to trust their inner strength and understanding.

In the Kamea Men’s Cool Cats Collection, you’ll find various colors and styles of tiger eye beaded bracelets. The Starry Night bracelet features calming blue tiger eye beads that will reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and increase calm. Our Dirt Red Bracelet reminds us of the beautiful tone of the deep red fertile soil in Hawaii. The red tiger eyes in this bracelet increase motivation and drive. Our ‘io Bracelet includes striking green tiger eyes or hawk eyes and will bring perspective and clarity. Bring your vitality and strength to the surface with the beloved tiger eye stone.

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