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Tiger Eye And Other Precious Stones

As a means of cultural expression, as a way to show off your sophistication and as a way to enjoy the natural world, our Kamea bracelets are uniquely designed to please.

We utilize some of the most attractive types of stone and metal to create stunning visual designs that look great on your wrist.

Tiger Eye

Did you know that tiger eye comes in a range of colors?

If you only have a passing familiarity with this precious stone, you might only know of the black and gold tiger eye that is in many cases the default.

However, you also have red tiger eye and purple or dark blue tiger eye as well as blue-green colored stones.

All of these are on show in our black label lineup for men. We have a variety of colorful designs to choose from, and that's part of why so many people choose us for a memorable gift experience.

Anchor Beads

In addition to our polished stone beads, we add our proprietary metal anchor beads with compelling designs based on Polynesian culture.

You can read more about this elsewhere on the website and check out our visual collection.

Gemology and Our Bracelets

Gemologists will be interested in the geology of these necklaces, and what they represent. Choosing different stones is a fun part of the process, and many of these stones have qualities that experts would describe as soothing or calming, dealing with stress and anxiety and other issues.

Our lines for women and men represent the cultural awareness of Polynesian history that we have, and how we bring that to a design aspect.

But another big aspect of gemology is the history of stones in a sort of mystical or metaphysical context.

We pay attention to that, too, and read up on it as we design our lines of men's and women's bracelets.

These lines have a particular look and feel when you slip them on. That's part of why they're a best-selling part of anyone's collection.

For more, read over the past blog posts to understand the sorts of things that we craft for customers from our unique shop and online e-commerce store.

You'll see what makes us a cut above the rest as we feature unique purely designs that are attractive as well as practical.

From the boardroom to the beach, you can be proud to support these creations on your arm…

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