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Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Your Favorite Birthstone Jewelry

American consumers spend over $30 billion on new jewelry every year. Many people take great pride in amassing a unique jewelry collection. For most jewelry enthusiasts having pieces that are made from both precious metals and unique gemstones is a top priority.

Receiving birthstone jewelry from a friend or family member can be a very enjoyable experience. Protecting your favorite birthstone bracelets and necklaces will not be easy.

Inexperienced jewelry owners tend to make a number of mistakes that can damage their treasured bracelets and necklaces. Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid when wearing your favorite birthstone jewelry.

Avoid Exposing Your Birthstone Jewelry to Saltwater

During the summer months, most people like spending their free time at the beach. There are few things as enjoyable as basking in the sun while hearing the waves crash into the shore. Dressing in a cute outfit with great accessories is something most people view as a priority when visiting their local beach. If you are planning on wearing your favorite birthstone jewelry on the beach, then you need to avoid getting in the water with these pieces.

Exposing your birthstone jewelry to saltwater can lead to problems like:

· Saltwater can remove the shine your gemstones have

· Soldered parts and fasteners can get eroded

· Weakened gold can result in gemstones being lost

Rather than dealing with the damage salt water can cause, you need to remove your birthstone jewelry before taking a dip in the ocean.

Never Workout In Your Birthstone Jewelry

Bringing more color into your wardrobe is easy when investing in high-quality birthstone jewelry. Having a high-quality birthstone bracelet can help you take a seemingly boring outfit to the next level. If you live an active lifestyle, then going to the gym is probably something you do a few times a week. While you want to look good when visiting your local gym, you need to avoid leaving your favorite birthstone jewelry on when you’re exercising.

When you start to sweat in the gym, your body will release a variety of acids. Exposing the metal components of your birthstone jewelry to these acids can create lots of problems. Generally, metals exposed to these acids will start to tarnish and corrode. If you are playing tennis or hiking to get your heart rate up, your favorite bracelet might get damaged. This is why removing your bracelet before engaging in physical activity is so important.

Don’t Apply Hair and Skincare Products After You Put On Your Jewelry

If you take pride in your appearance, chances are you have a lot of hair and skin care products in your possession. Allowing your favorite birthstone jewelry to get exposed to the chemicals in these types of products can have dire consequences. The chemicals in things like hair spray and makeup toners can corrode gold and remove the luster from gemstones.

By avoiding the mistakes covered in this article, you can keep your favorite birthstone jewelry looking new.

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