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The Best Gemstones to Connect to Spring

Spring is coming. Because of this, you may be prepping your life for warmer weather. Chances are you are pulling out your warm-weather wardrobe and packing away the heavy coats and scarves. However, don’t forget about your accessories.

For centuries, people have connected seasons to unique energies. For example, spring is the time of renewal and rebirth. Life is restored as the ground softens and the snow melts away.

If you want to tap into and connect to the power of spring, there are more than a few ways to do this. One is utilizing the right gemstones for the season. Keep reading to learn what these are.

Green Aventurine

This gemstone is connected to the Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone. It carries a very strong connection to the devic kingdom and earth. The stone helps to provide you with a better understanding of nature and is considered a great stone for gardening. It helps to protect against environmental pollution and geopathic stress.

It’s also known for helping to stimulate growth while opening the heart chakra to new loving and soothing vibrations. It also teaches you to live from your heart.

Moss Agate

This is referred to as the stone for agriculturists and gardeners. Also, moss agate has a very deep-rooted connection to nature and the natural world.

It is believed to bring about abundance, growth, in prosperity in many ways. Because it is a growth crystal, it offers nurturing energies while helping the wearer maintain direction and focus in all their ventures.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It is closely associated with feminine energies and the heart chakra.

It also has a strong connection to the earth’s spiritual energy helping to soothe emotions and stimulate love. Rose quartz is also connected to the Roman goddess of beauty and love, Venus. The stone of beauty is connected to the beauty of the new life that is seen all around.


You likely know that aquamarine is related to water. It is a stone that helps to harness the cleansing and soothing power of water. Since the stone is so closely associated with the water element, it is extremely powerful and helps to renew and nurture a person’s emotional body. It provides compassionate or gentle energy and encourages people to be generous and provide service for others.

Aquamarine is a stone beneficial for times of change, making it a smart accessory for the transition of winter to spring.


Another stone that is connected to the heart chakra is the emerald. It is also connected to the goddess Venus. Thanks to its gentle and strong energy, it’s known for bringing forth beauty, bliss, and love. It is believed that all of the green elements of nature can be found in the emerald.

As you can see, more than a few stones embody spring. Because of this, these are the perfect stones to use as accessories for your spring wardrobe. You can find all types of beautiful bracelets – for men and women – featuring these stones that are perfect for spring.

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